jungle jeff Daily Reflections on Excellence

jungle jeff Daily Reflections on Excellence.  Created the tag line, Daily Reflections on Excellence, a long time ago. It just felt right.

And of course, the term, jungle jeff, goes all the way back to January 1982, when I was a seasonal Walt Disney World Cast Member, and Jungle Cruise Skipper.

Had a college degree and was wearing a straw hat, polyester costume, plus I carried a microphone and a real gun.

And, get this, being able to work for Disney, a world-class organization, founded on excellence, it all seemed to speak to my dual approach to life.  Crazy and serious.

So the two seemed a natural fit.  And that’s why I use jungle jeff Daily Reflections on Excellence all these years later.

There are milestones in your life, just like everyone else.  The question is, it seems, is there significant value in perpetuating their memory?

I’d love to hear your story.  Comment here or email [email protected] Carpe diem.

By jeff noel

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