Two weeks in

Odds are high in 2020 that the podcasting in Glacier is much better than in 2019.

Two weeks into the new year and everyone is wondering, “How are you doing so far?”

So predictable by societal norms.

We get stuck, stalled, sick.

Sick of grand, burning ideas that all too soon extinguish themselves.

In 10 days, If Disney Ran Your Life, a personal vibrancy podcast, officially launches.

It’s free, for now, and it’s different from what i’ve listened to.

It’s a difference worth exploring.

And of course, i’m only saying this because i know the owner.

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Will 2015 be your our best year ever?

Epcot Christmas Tree 2014


(photo: Epcot Christmas Tree December 2014)

He’s not going to be the person everyone’s expected him to be anymore.

Heard this sound bite last night.


Kinda spine tingly.


A coming.

And then there’s New Years.

Un-freakin’ real.

Hope you are moving forward every day.

That’s the secret.

The long way is the short cut.

Will it be the best year ever?

Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy isn’t it?

We see what we want to see.

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jungle old header


(photo: Old header for this website… took photo with phone years ago… drain cover at Walt Disney World)

A half-hour has been blocked at 3:30pm today to gather for jungle jeff’s ‘Disney years of service’ award. Thirty years at Disney used to be rare back in the day. Most of the people receiving that milestone were hired as part of the opening team in 1971 or hired shortly thereafter.

You felt privileged to be in attendance at their special recognition.

Nowadays, 30 years isn’t such a big deal.

Unless it’s you.

Then it’s pretty surreal.

While 30 years at Disney isn’t rare, 30 years with a single organization in 2014 is.

The nervous part?

Hard to explain.


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