Ten ideas to unearth writer’s flood content

Disney University hallway
Disney University hallway. Yesterday.


Writer’s block? Here are ten ideas for content:

  1. What you learned yesterday.
  2. What you get to do today.
  3. What you hope for tomorrow.
  4. Obvious or invisible paradox.
  5. Common sense that isn’t common.
  6. Simple questions few can (but should be able to) answer instantaneously and convincingly.
  7. Excuses, regrets, opportunity, second chances, and permission.
  8. Art. Your art. Art the world needs.
  9. Impossible things.
  10. Love.

One day you will suffer from writer’s flood. Please don’t cast blame this way. You’re welcome.

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Sometimes, jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, Gets Writer’s High

Some things are hard to explain (like this Suomi ski lift "chair")

jeff noel, America’s Work Life Balance expert, has writer’s high this morning. It’s similar to runner’s high. But very different from drug-induced highs (smirk). It’s a feeling (in running, and in writing) where the participant gets lost in the rhythm of the activity and reaches a place were the motions are effortless and pleasurable.

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They Don’t Want To Become Famous

There are people who have jobs they really don’t enjoy and work for people they really don’t respect. Additionally, they dream of writing a book (or maybe they already have), or starting a business.

Yet they are not assertive enough to market themselves. They are “too humble” for that sort of work.

Hey, good luck with that.

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Dear Drummer’s Boy

Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself. – Miles Davis

My Dad (RIP) was a really, really good drummer. He made a living from it, as a 2nd job, while working 37 years at “The Mill“. In Spring Grove, I’m known as “Jack’s boy”.

Miles nailed it, just like Jack. And I’m following in their footsteps. The more I write, the closer I get to being myself.

You’ll never be a great version of yourself if you quit.

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