Shun The Ducks

Is this what Flannery meant by a duck?

Let me ask you a critical question.

So what then is a duck, as Flannery O’Conner calls out in the post below? It sounds negative.

Are you able to identify, within your work responsibilities, the part of your job that gives you purpose, or is it easier to quack about all the problems and complain about how difficult things are?

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Pioneer Writer?

Helsinki airport, 2009, exhausted, but still writing. An aspiring writer must write. A lot.

How To Become A Best Selling Author

The early settlers didn’t find farms they could purchase. First they had to claim, and then tame, an untamed frontier.¬†Removing rocks, boulders, trees with deep roots. And all the while, survive the harsh realities of nature and the unknown.

Not sure how you feel as an aspiring writer (or your particular dream), but I often feel like a pioneer.

Years of laborious work before the first crop.

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