Become The Popular Person In Your Field

Listening to Steve Harrison’s webcast with New York Times best selling author Peggy McColl, one thing that seemed like a BFO – a Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Become the most popular person in your field.

This comes back to marketing, which comes back to branding.

Life-work balance. An overall feeling, and commitment, to wellness. The joy of chasing, and catching your childhood dream(s). Jeff Noel, America’s Balance Expert?

Why not?

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Steve Harrison Book Publishing Tips

Got A Rainy Day Plan?
Got A Rainy Day Plan?

Steve Harrison helps get people media exposure, so they can land a book publishing deal.

This video is 14 minutes long. I do not recommend it if you have no desire to ever write a book.

But if you do want to publish a book, I’d watch it. Steve Harrison’s video helped me, and you know how much stuff I get exposed to (and I don’t recommend 90% of it).

I’m recommending this.

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Literary Agent Panel

If you visit jungle jeff regularly, you are most likely in pursuit of excellence, in any endeavor, even something as “low paying” as parenting.

Steve Harrison is an expert at what he does – get aspiring authors the strategies and tactics they need to land a book publishing deal.

Here’s a 39-minute video choke full of valuable publishing insights from a panel of literary agents and a book distributor.