DREAM was a Cast Member idea

Disney Cast Member t-shirt from 1980’s
Disney Cast Member t-shirt from 1980’s.

DREAM was a Cast Member idea.

DREAM = Disney Resort Experiences Are Magic.

Gracious Hospitality became a Disney Resort Operations program in the late 1980’s that was pre-Disney Decade (1990) and pre-Performance Excellence (1993).

One of my proprietary assets is my organizational memory.

This is the ability to recall the longterm historical pros and cons from personal experience, not hearsay or books.

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Corporate Kinship

Professional Speakers

The corporate kinship you (might) work so hard on and spend so much time and money on, it ain’t about features and benefits.

It isn’t. Then how do you garner attention in a saturated market?

What makes your features and benefits different? Guts? Courage? Passion? Integrity? Consistency? Balance? Mission? Vision? Faith? Hope? Love?

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