The fourth anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death still inspires a few

Jai Pausch, Randy’s wife, talks briefly about Randy, and his quest for pancreatic cancer funding.



The fifth anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death inspired millions, some who significantly changed after watching his Last Lecture video and reading his book by the same name.

Last year’s anniversary post.

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Was Randy Pausch sent by the Dalai Lama?



Was Randy Pausch sent by the Dalai Lama? Sounds ridiculous and it doesn’t even matter. Randy Pausch came into the lives of millions five years ago.

He died four years ago yesterday. Five years ago he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They gave him six months. He extended that to about a year. His Last Lecture on You Tube and his book helped shape a personal renaissance.

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PS. This has so much subtlety with leadership… and it’s almost a sure bet you’ll miss that.

Ask a dying man and he’ll have a ready answer

Randy Pausch
live, before you die…you’re kids are depending on it

Ask a dying man and he’ll have a ready answer…”Who’s more important, your Parents or your Children”?

Today, I pause for moments of silence…in memory of Randy Pausch…father of three children (ages six and under), when he was given six months to live.

He died July 25, 2008. Now his three children are all ten and under.

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Happy Birthday Disneyland

Walt Disney’s Disneyland turned 55 yesterday.

This significant day in American history came and went, relatively unnoticed.

Just like many important dates.

As a leader, you can not allow this to happen, if you want to have a great company culture.

For people who want the motivation and courage, to dust off their childhood dreams, Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture, provided a beacon and hope for millions the world over.

But then he died.

Who will recall him now? How will we recall him? Why will we recall him?

I will. Using blogs. Because he still  inspires people, to this very day. But each year, more people forget the significance of his simple message.

Who couldn’t use some inspiration?

Think the people at the Walt Disney Company forgot about Disneyland’s 55th Anniversary yetserday?

Not a chance.


Same reasons as Randy Pausch, who’s (death) anniversary is one week away.

Randy Pausch & "The Last Lecture"
Randy Pausch & "The Last Lecture"

Perhaps The Most Difficult

Do You Think His Life Is Easy?
Do You Think His Life Is Easy?

Rule number one – Life Is Hard!

And perhaps the most difficult thing is to not give up. To not succumb to the pressure, the pain, the doubt, the fear, the sacrifice, the unknown.

Have you ever felt like this?  Do you feel like it now?  If you do, great!  If you don’t, perhaps you should be concerned. Concerned that you’ve slowly but surely lost the fire in your belly to do something great.

As Randy Pausch challenged the world in his book, The Last Lecture, to revisit our childhood dreams before it’s too late, I’m picking up where were he left off, when he died nearly two years ago (July 25, 2009).

Once you accept difficulty, your life opens up to enormous possibility.