Happy Birthday Disneyland

Walt Disney’s Disneyland turned 55 yesterday.

This significant day in American history came and went, relatively unnoticed.

Just like many important dates.

As a leader, you can not allow this to happen, if you want to have a great company culture.

For people who want the motivation and courage, to dust off their childhood dreams, Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture, provided a beacon and hope for millions the world over.

But then he died.

Who will recall him now? How will we recall him? Why will we recall him?

I will. Using blogs. Because he still  inspires people, to this very day. But each year, more people forget the significance of his simple message.

Who couldn’t use some inspiration?

Think the people at the Walt Disney Company forgot about Disneyland’s 55th Anniversary yetserday?

Not a chance.


Same reasons as Randy Pausch, who’s (death) anniversary is one week away.

Randy Pausch & "The Last Lecture"
Randy Pausch & "The Last Lecture"

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