Why do you do it the “ugly way”?

Senior citizen daily pill taking
Every morning there are ten pills to take.


Why do you do it the “ugly way”?

The story here is the prelude for this post’s message.

Prior to iPhone 6, a combination of WordPress and smartphone limitations had the mobile responsiveness feature not fully developed.

A perfectly sized photo and caption on a laptop would be partially cut off on a smaller device. The blog post text would adapt to the much smaller screen, but not the photo and embedded caption.

The only way to read the caption was to remove it from the photo.

Easy fix.

But when technology fixed the original challenge, why didn’t the blogger return to the old (better) way?

Busy, blind, comfortable with a routine.

The teen called it out immediately.

Thank you.

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It’s so easy to spot when someone loves what they do

couldn’t keep my “real job” a secret even if my life depended on it

Hey Internet, aren’t you a funny little monkey? My friend from Texas often uses this phrase when something or someone leans on the annoying side of life. I’ve purposefully never come right out and said what I do 60+ hours a week – you know, that career thing some people spend their lives doing.

Fact is, I can’t keep what I do and who I do it for a secret, even if my life depended on it.

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What I Was Saying Yesterday Without Actually Saying It Was…

Regret-Free Living. Aka balance.

Bottom line for me is this: Life has five big choices – mind, body, spirit, money and hq. At the end of every Mid Life Celebration post is a hyperlink to quickly and easily move to the next blog in this chain of five.

Timeless Insight: Important (even critical) information is never found in entirely one place. And finding the missing parts completes a beautiful masterpiece. Always click on the bolded hyperlink…

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jungle jeff Rant

Lane 8.org
Lane 8.org

Are you satisfied?

When you wake up every day, what are some of the first things you do or think about?  Did you start thinking about today last night?

The workday begins the night before.

So last night, in thinking about yesterday’s post and the reference to the Fast Company article, I’m good with it ending the way it did.

Do you start blaming others and thinking about all the things “they” need to do? Or do you look in the mirror and analyze what you need to fix?

This will determine, in large part, your success or failure.

What was interesting was that just yesterday, these jeff noel blogs set a single day record for daily visits. It’s taken years to get “here”.

And I got here by doing stuff, not by anything else.

Be more:

  • Creative than you ever have
  • Focused than you ever have
  • Willing to fix yourself than you ever have
  • Determined than you ever have

And find your purpose.  That’s the key.  You know it and I know it. We all read about it, and listen to others talk about it.

Talk is cheap. And so is lying to ourselves.

jungle jeff Isn’t It Obvious

Does Anyone Even Notice?
Does Anyone Even Notice?

Continuous improvement and ongoing professional education are crucial for staying competitive and thriving in a down economy.


We should be doing all we can to do stuff, not read and study stuff.

We should be doing stuff. Stuff that our gut tells us is right. Stuff that our gut tells us needs to be started yesterday.

We can read articles and attend seminars, but at some point, in my humble opinion, we need to start doing something, something more.

At the end of this post, you’ll have a link to a recent  Fast Company article about finding creative, untraditional ways to solve unsolvable problems challenges.

It’s four pages long.  I “got it” after the first page, but read the second page as well, out of guilt – for fear of looking obnoxious or boastful.  Whatever, right?

Listen, I’m so annoyed and fired up, that I need to end this post now. After some cool down time, will try again tomorrow to finish this. Well, maybe. Maybe my point has already been made.

Click here if you want to read the Fast Company thing.

PS. Just for the record, I read a ton, in between doing stuff and getting uncommon results.