Assuming is a dangerous leadership blind spot

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Real people not actors.


In retrospect and in this current moment as i type this, i’m reflecting on how many activities and how much laughter, and how much think-until-it-hurts time we experienced the past two days.

With few exceptions, it was pervasive.

It rarely, if ever, gets any better than that.

i’m sharing because it’s a perfect example of preaching what i practice – intentionality.




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Why do you do it the “ugly way”?

Senior citizen daily pill taking
Every morning there are ten pills to take.


Why do you do it the “ugly way”?

The story here is the prelude for this post’s message.

Prior to iPhone 6, a combination of WordPress and smartphone limitations had the mobile responsiveness feature not fully developed.

A perfectly sized photo and caption on a laptop would be partially cut off on a smaller device. The blog post text would adapt to the much smaller screen, but not the photo and embedded caption.

The only way to read the caption was to remove it from the photo.

Easy fix.

But when technology fixed the original challenge, why didn’t the blogger return to the old (better) way?

Busy, blind, comfortable with a routine.

The teen called it out immediately.

Thank you.

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Perhaps it is the delusional that are best suited to lead

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(photo: Allentown, Pennsylvania – January 2015)

Which way? This guy’s a zealot? Odds are in his favor.

There’s a fair amount of doubt in ourselves as leaders.

Perhaps it is the delusional that are best suited to lead.

Maybe they are too blind to see what a zealot they’ve become.

And if they can’t see it, it doesn’t frighten them.


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Leadership can stink and people accept it

PH Glatfelter Paper Mill


If you’re riding in a vehicle several miles east of town, with the windows down, and the person next to you is visiting for the first time in their life, they will ask the obvious question, “What’s that smell?”

To which the lifetime resident will respond with, “What smell?”

What begins for us as ‘finding our groove’ eventually becomes the daily rut of life and leadership.

PS. Converting a forest of trees to reams of paper is a smelly process.

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