Only if most of your thoughts are original

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Preparing for a 45-minute Keynote Speech.

If most of your thoughts are original and you’re thinking for yourself about what to do next and in the future, you’re a leader.

If most of your thoughts are, “How can I find somebody to tell me what to do and what to think about next?”, you are functioning as a manager.

Are you a manager who is afraid to do your own thing because you’re not spending time thinking about the future?

This defines the difference between a manager and a leader.

Managers are not thinking about how to make things better now.

Managers are thinking about the status quo – how to maintain the current level of output.

In essence, managers are waiting to be told by someone.

Managers are waiting on someone who has a guarantee.

Managers are waiting on someone who will get blamed if something doesn’t work.

Managers don’t want to take a risk.

What if fails?

What if i get in trouble?

To do something that has never been done before and goes against conventional wisdom…this is not the thing a manager signs up for.

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We’ve struck a verbal agreement for the next 120 days

Windermere Runners Club
No written agreement, just a verbal promise to help someone learn about personal responsibility in a balanced way. Toughest workout of the Summer Season.


The day began early at the High School track and it was by far the toughest workout this summer. Not many teens, nor adults, begin their day with strenuous physical activity. Not many business owners pay contractors in advance.

We’ve struck a verbal agreement for the next 120 days. A pre-paid monthly salary and then transition to a traditional post-work pay structure.

Paying in advance happens, but it’s rare.

Scarcity usually makes something more valuable.




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What Are You Talking About?

You'll Fill The Bleachers When You Start Leading & Stop Managing
You'll Fill The Bleachers When You Start Leading & Stop Managing

As a leader, are you focused on your people? Without thinking, you say yes, but you’re not, you’re focused on your career and how good you look to the people in control of your next promotion.

Your employees are there to serve the heck out of your customers. Right?

Well, you’re there to serve the heck out of your employees. Surprised?

Big difference between managing things and leading people.

Most people have no idea of the opportunity they’re missing.

I didn’t.

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Yesterday’s Point

Yards Cost More
Yards Cost More

Your salary will be different if you are a manager or a leader.

Managers can make good money. Leaders in the same industry make even more.

The more money you make, the more you can do.

Being a manager is hard. Being a leader is even harder.

And then there’s being a business owner.

Do You Lead Or Inspire?

Time For Business Week?
Time For Business Week?

Found this article by Alaina Love from The Purpose Link, sharing her Business Week article: “You Can Lead. But Can You Inspire?”

Click here to read about the ten attributes senior managers need to lead their organizations through the recession and the demoralizing consequences on their workforce.

You see it and hear it every day. In the world news and in the hallways of your own organization. There are demoralizing consequences from this brutal recession.

We are way past managing in today’s world. You know it and I know it. The antidote is inspiration.

Which leads us back to the original question, “Is there a doctor in the house?”