Being Brave Means Being Willing To Offer Help

There's a ton of free advice available. Mall at Millenia, Orlando.

Asking for help is one thing, offering help is another. It is better to give than receive. We know this. Hope you know by now I strive to practice what I preach – over 5k blog posts worth – on Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. There’s never been a fee. Never missed a day. Never any expectations, except to “Live, before you die”.

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Being Brave Means Asking For Help

Words to live by.

Being brave means asking for help. When we’re younger, we do this constantly, because we don’t know much. When we’re older, we do it sparingly because we know a ton. Plus, we don’t want to look stupid. But we rarely reach a point where we know enough to no longer need to ask. This post by Lee Cockerell illustrates the basics brilliantly.

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When It Comes To Advancing In Our Job, What Are Some Common Sense Tactics To Get Ahead

There's a lot of crap out there, be careful

How many self-help leadership books and articles have been written about career management, getting ahead and becoming a better leader? A gazillion, more or less. Boomers, ever stop to wonder what they’re all trying to say?

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Who Needs A Spanking?

Get In Line
Get In Line

Sometimes we need the proverbial spanking, or maybe a kick in the buttocks, to rattle our cage enough to do what’s common sense but not common practice.

Ask yourself, “Why don’t I have a personal vision/mission statement?”

Imagine a child – maybe your child, niece or nephew – asking you, very seriously, “What’s the meaning of life?”

We expect everyone else to have a clue.  But not ourselves.


Then one lucky day, someone did me the favor of a major cage rattling, and I finally did something about it.

Any other way is just lame.