Four Things

Guard Against Boring Teachers
Guard Against Boring Teachers

Who doesn’t like to learn new, cool, helpful stuff?

Do you have to, or get to, teach others?  You know, teaching other adults, co-workers, children, parents, your boss, etc.

You most likely never think of how effective you are when you teach. So here’s a test.

When a great teacher teaches you, they are aiming for four criteria, to be effective.  Bob Pike, the Walt Disney of Training, developed four questions. “Did you?”:

  1. Like it
  2. Learn it
  3. Use it
  4. Make a difference

Then Don Kirkpatrick comes along and adds to this with his four.  “Was there?”

  1. Reaction
  2. Learning
  3. Behavior
  4. Results

No matter how you slice it as a leader, the more you know and the simpler you keep it, well, you decide.

5 Training Tips From Bob Pike

Five training tips I learned from Bob Pike:

1. Show…not  tell

  • Big difference between show vs tell
  • Real-life experience beats theory
  • It’s not what you know
  • It’s what you do with it
  • Follow-through is key
  • Self-confidence is major motivator

2. The “eyes” have it

  • Pictures trigger recall better than words
  • Use window panes for max retention
  • Our mind thinks in pictures
  • Shortterm memory hold 7 (+/-2) bites of data

3. The 90/20/8 rule

  • We have limited attention spans
  • Breaks at 90 minutes or less
  • State change every 20 minutes
  • Participant involvement every 8 minutes

4. Tune in to “WIIFM”

  • Everyone is asking, “How will this help ME:”
  • Improve my performance
  • What are my benefits
  • What losses will I avoid

5. Work books that work

  • Need to know info
  • Nice to know info
  • How to find info