5 Training Tips From Bob Pike

Five training tips I learned from Bob Pike:

1. Show…not ┬átell

  • Big difference between show vs tell
  • Real-life experience beats theory
  • It’s not what you know
  • It’s what you do with it
  • Follow-through is key
  • Self-confidence is major motivator

2. The “eyes” have it

  • Pictures trigger recall better than words
  • Use window panes for max retention
  • Our mind thinks in pictures
  • Shortterm memory hold 7 (+/-2) bites of data

3. The 90/20/8 rule

  • We have limited attention spans
  • Breaks at 90 minutes or less
  • State change every 20 minutes
  • Participant involvement every 8 minutes

4. Tune in to “WIIFM”

  • Everyone is asking, “How will this help ME:”
  • Improve my performance
  • What are my benefits
  • What losses will I avoid

5. Work books that work

  • Need to know info
  • Nice to know info
  • How to find info

By jeff noel

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