Smart Bomb

Smart Bomb?
Smart Bomb?

The silver bullet, and we’re not talking Coors Light here. Don’t we dream of finding the silver bullet?

The silver bullet for leadership, for customer service, for brand recognition, marketing, market share, sales, etc.

Maybe we are searching for the wrong solution.

Maybe we should be in search of the …. smart bomb.

Smart bomb?  Yes. I just discovered it. (it was right next to the fountain of youth)

My son and his friend are playing video games.

I’m eating some cold, left-over Pasitano’s Pizza for lunch.

Watching them play, with their nine-year old competitive juices flowing, they just got excited about a smart bomb.  I watched the bomb grow in size, until it was a giant bubble on the TV, and then it exploded.

All I could think to do was groan for them, in their apparent loss.  Because, like most bombs, a big explosion does serious damage.

They corrected me, the way nine-year olds do when adults reveal their complete incompetence about stuff they didn’t grow up with.

A smart bomb, when it explodes, makes everyone near it – smarter, more effective.   Better.

Smart bomb.  Has a nice ring to it. Imagine if you worked on something important and then it sort of exploded in your face. Youch.

Or, “EUREKA!”  As in – “Used to express triumph upon finding or discovering something.”

You know, the silver bullet.

By jeff noel

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