He Said, “You Write Like You Talk”

My friend recently told me, “You write like you talk”.

My friend reads these jungle jeff blog posts from an iPhone and was suggesting my writing has too many commas, or pauses.

And that in today’s world a lot of people don’t read that way.

I pause, often, to make certain points, to let the point resonate, to challenge the listener, and sometimes, just to think about what I’m going to say next.

There, see what I did in that last sentence?

I feel comfortable with my style.  It’s the way I talk.  It’s who I am.

So I asked my friend, “Ever notice my paragraph structure”?

“One or two sentences”, he responded immediately.

I asked if he knew why, and paused.

Then I said, “Because I’ve read a ton of blogs and most of them overwhelm me with what I’ll have to invest to figure out what the writer is trying to say”.

I’m not sure if he got my point.

Maybe you didn’t either.

Will you be back tomorrow to hear the other intriguing things we talked about?

If not, I wish you the best of everything.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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