Google Study Tips

Google Study Tips

“You can observe a lot by watching”. — Yogi Berra

Google dominates search engine.   Disney dominates family entertainment.

I enjoy watching and learning from them.

They say, “To teach is to learn twice”.

As a 35-year business professional, including 25 year here in Central Florida,  I’ve become quite the Disney expert.

I really hadn’t noticed, until I started to do the math.

For the past ten-plus years, I’ve been a professional speaker, teaching world-class business strategies and business tactics – averaging four days per week teaching.

Assuming 46 weeks per year teaching, multiplied by four days per week, multiplied by 10.3 years teaching  – roughly 2,000 days of keynote speeches, multi-day workshops, etc.

Even more staggering, to me, is to roughly estimate the average audience size to be 250.   The largest group I taught was 3,000.  The smallest, ten.

Bottom line?

I’ve taught over one-half million people.

That’s 500,000!   Wow!  Who knew?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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