It’s our differences that unite us.

So, part of diversity is our belief system.  I celebrate Easter, and therefore, wish anyone reading this, “Happy Easter“!

Realizing that many of you do not celebrate Easter, I completely understand and totally respect our differences.  To you, may I please wish you a joyful day, in your special and unique way?

This is what Diversity is all about.  And many companies embrace Diversity, and I’m encouraged by the World’s progress.

When Walt Disney was dreaming, he said Epcot would be about two things.  Epcot would celebrate, everyday, the things that unite us, like technology, innovation, etc.  Epcot would also celebrate the things that make us different, like culture, beliefs, etc.

This is played out perfectly at the Epcot Theme Park in the two sections, Future World and World Showcase.

Make today a great day to remember what’s important to you and to try to celebrate it everyday!  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂

By jeff noel

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