How many Orlando-based Disney Keynote Speakers can say this?

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Disney trifecta.


As an army of one – a small business entrepreneur – you have responsibility for marketing yourself.

This is challenging to do and appear humble simultaneously.

Marketing’s primary job is to shine a spotlight on why their organization, their product, and their people are head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Blogging allows random opportunities (like this post) to play around with that challenge.

Here goes…

How many Orlando-based Disney Keynote Speakers can say this?

  • I never give the same speech twice
  • My keynote speeches are unlike anything audiences are used to
  • I worked at Disney for at least 30 years
  • I worked at Disney Institute for at least 15 years
  • I’ve been gone from Disney for less than five years
  • I live less than one mile from Walt Disney World
  • I’ve received both of Disney’s Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • I offer three significant discounts for Orlando Keynote Speeches
  • I’ve spoken to over one-million people
  • I’ve spoken to 2,000 different organizations
  • I retired as Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker

How many?

PS. The i’s are capitalized because it’s not me speaking, it’s other “Disney Keynote Speakers” asking themselves these questions.


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