When does your workday begin?

Orlando Sanford airport entrance sign
Yesterday, 6am on the way home.


The workday begins the night before.

For example, yesterday:

  • 4:40am – awaken
  • 5:00am – drive to airport
  • 6:00am – drop off Cheryl, drive home
  • 7:00am – begin 5-mile run
  • 8:00am – drive son to school
  • 8:30am – Gold’s Gym core & strength workout
  • 9:30am – drive home, pickup office supplies on the way
  • 10:15am – dip in the pool
  • 10:25am – brunch
  • 11:00am – read, email, social media, write, work
  • 1:30pm – drive to physical therapist for evaluation
  • 3:15pm – client call to Hawai’i
  • 4:15pm – pickup son at school
  • 4:30pm – Twistee Treat drive-thru for ice cream on drive home
  • 4:45pm – Grocery store for frozen pizza
  • 5:15pm – Dinner for two
  • 5:45pm – free time in family room
  • 9:00pm – bedtime
  • 9:30pm – lights out

The only audible for the day was picking up the frozen pizza.

Not everyday is this structured. But everyday is structured with a plan determined the night before.

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