Documenting critical milestones is the Disney Way

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker
From a February 2015 audio visual check at Orlando Marriott World Center


This post went live yesterday. Wrote it 100 days prior. So the emotional excitement motive was cancelled out because of the three-plus month delay.

The motive was, and still is, to record a monumental milestone in a journey that was overwhelmingly destined to fail, but did’t.

It didn’t fail because i never quit even though i didn’t make a dime in over six years. The very first speaking engagement was a turning point. A catalytic milestone that will get lost and forgotten when success becomes the norm.

And now, today, 200 days later, we remember yet again how¬†most success is arduous until it isn’t.

Much of an organization’s heritage is lost on future employees because it’s not perpetuated. Being intentional (like this post) is key to a culture by design.

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