Loyalty, Disney Style

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Did you know? A few years before retiring from Disney in 2014, there was a personal idea (and challenge) to begin omitting “i, me, my, mine” in all communications: email, text, written notes.


Subconsciously, most of us communicate selfishly.

Start taking a closer look at the messages you receive. Count the ratio between the sender’s “i, me, my, mine” versus the sender’s “you, your, our, us, and we”.

Almost to a fault, we are internally (personally) focused versus externally (the receiver) focused.

Count the “i’s, me’s, my’s and mine’s”(ommitting the ones in “parenthesis” to explain the concept). Do the same with “you, your, our, us, we”.

Totals (excluding the one in “parenthesis”):

i, me, my, mine = 0

you, your, our, us, we = 5

•  •  •  •  •

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