If Brand Loyalty, Disney Style, doesn’t make perfect sense, nothing i say will matter

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Tucked back in against the store wall.

If Brand Loyalty doesn’t make perfect sense, nothing i say will matter

When you believe in something all the way, no convincing is necessary. When you don’t, no amount of convincing will be enough.

If what Disney Brand Loyalty does, how we do it, and why we do it doesn’t make perfect sense, no amount of my content will ever be enough to convince you.

The good news?

It’s not worth it for either of us to convince the other of anything different.

There’s irrefutable evidence in the form of historical Customer and Employee loyalty that needs no defense.

That said, may you and your business endeavors bring you the personal vibrancy and organizational vibrancy every great leader dreams of.

Ps. In the off chance, you’re feeling compelled to take a risk, the worst that will happen is you’ll have lost an hour of your life to “what might have been.”

An hour.

Two 30-minute “Modern Family” reruns. Almost makes the chance seem worth it, no?

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