Disney Brand Loyalty Beliefs

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Time flies. It’s been a week so far.

Disney Brand Loyalty Beliefs

Employees are customers too.

Emotion trumps everything.

Customer loyalty grows and sustains itself in direct proportion to employee loyalty.

Employees treat customers in a similar fashion to how they are treated by their leaders.

Leadership is the silver bullet for loyal employees and customers.

People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders.

Customers can’t perceive the quality of your cultural infrastructure, they can only perceive if you love them of not.

Customer loyalty is our number one business metric.

A 1% increase or decrease in customer loyalty gains or loses millions in revenue. And anything more than 1% can make or break a year, a decade, a lifetime.

The goal of great customer service is to get your customers to definitely recommend and definitely return. Definitely crushes “most likely and probably”.

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