Without Passion

“Without passion, a person gambles with their future”. — jeff noel

This morning as I checked Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it hit me. There’s a person who Tweets about cooking.  “Miss D”, I’ll call her, has a passion that is so clearly visible that I had to tell her it inspires me.

It doesn’t inspire me to cook.

Then what?

It inspires me to be inspired – with big dreams.

Yesterday, I purchased a Macbook for our son’s ninth birthday this week. He doesn’t know he’s getting it.  In fact he won’t be expecting it because he knows how expensive they are.

But I’ve been planting seeds.  “You should think of ways you can make money”.

So tell me, when is it too early to challenge a child to be thinking about earning money?  How crazy is it to encourage children to look at ways other than cutting grass, raking leaves, or doing chores?

Disney’s best leaders are the ones who have passion so clear and so deep, that their team believes anything is possible.

At home, it’s the same way for me.  “I believe if your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”. — jeff noel   Carpe diem!  🙂

By jeff noel

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