Your attitude about your boss and coworkers is predictable

Florida alligator in retention pond
Almost invisible, the 10-foot gator is even less perceptible when swimming. Train your eye and heart to see things you normally wouldn’t. If you’re not a Tom Brady fan what’s your honest answer for why? PS. Football is not even remotely important to me, but i respect long-term excellence.


Your attitude about your boss and coworkers is predictable, in my opinion.

Three days from now, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles compete in Super Bowl 52.

If you plan to watch the Super Bowl hoping the Patriots and Tom Brady lose, your mindset is poisoned.

Rather than see a dominant team (or player) do something extraordinary, you are instead sending a message to yourself that greatness is bad, especially when it happens to others and not you.

This poisons your work ethic and severely limits your ability to excel at work.

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Never direct anger or impatience at your waiter

Main Street USA balloons


Never direct anger or impatience at your waiter.


Because they can spit in your food, or worse, and you’ll never know.

Now, what’s the leadership analogy?

At any level in your organization, from CEO to front line leader, if you’re a jerk (even unknowingly) to your people, they will do the equivalent to spitting in your food.

You’ll never know and the joke will be on you and it will manifest itself in your organization’s culture – and you’ll never know why you can’t fix it.

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The one negative common theme bad leaders and bad parents share

American phrases
busy as a beaver is an American phrase to describe feeling overworked

The main culprit for being bad at anything is this – not devoting enough time to the human element. Parents, and especially leaders, can become really good at doing things while simultaneously neglecting the needy – the human element.

Just take a moment and think of your own situation. When was the last time you asked someone to back off with all the recognition you’ve been receiving?

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Patience Is A Virtue

These boys will not become men overnight. And not without great guidance.

Leaders are in their position to lead. And at the end of the day it’s excruciatingly simple. Lead to get great results.

The paradox is that great results don’t happen overnight. Patience is a virtue, and a pain in the rear. Hurry up, I need that report  those results yesterday.

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