You can observe a lot by watching

truth in advertising
Truth in advertising birthplace…


truth in advertising
Truth in advertising had to start somewhere…now we know where.


The odds of spotting this sign at the very end of an eight-mile walking day were slim to none.

Somehow though, it happened.

Being a noticer is a blessing and a curse.

Your mind is always on.

In the wilderness, this helps you avoid danger.

In the civilized world, it allows you to be a better teacher.


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i love the classroom

i love the classroom button
Yesterday at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


Personal leadership 101:

Live your life so that if anyone ever says anything bad about you, no one will believe it.

It’s a very intentional choice.

And to be very intentional, you’ll need to over manage things you used to under manage or ignore.


At first, but once you’ve done it long enough for it to become a powerful habit, you have now actually created something (a personal brand) worth defending at any cost.




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The untold difference between a good leader and a great leader…

Walt Disney Legacy Award blue Cast Member name tag


(photo: Google Images. Notice the three words in gold?))

The untold difference between a great leader and a good leader…

Teaching versus telling.

There are a million ways to teach or tell.

Great leaders teach.

And because they teach, their workload should be more about inspiration than perspiration.

It’s the difference between leading and managing.

The difference is commitment versus compliance.

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The Teacher Said They Have Very Little Motivation

Is too much of a good thing demotivating?

What do we have if we don’t have motivation to improve? Last night provided an intriguing conversation in which I did very little talking. A teacher from our Son’s school once taught in a frontier area in northern Canada.

Bottom line: the residents are provided significant governmental financial resources, yet have health and wellness issues that defy explanation. Can handouts and subsidies actually worsen a standard of living, reducing one’s motivation?

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