Dear running

Windermere Prep Cross Country team
This morning, September 10, 2016, approximately 7:40am.


Windermere Prep Cross Country team
i am a more focused, disciplined, and joyful leader because i am in excellent physical condition.


Windermere Prep Cross Country team
At this point in the season, i don’t run with the team, but i did stretch with them today.


Dear running,

This may be a bold statement.

And we can be certain there are exceptions.

Physically fit leaders are better (and often remarkably better) leaders than they were when they were less fit (or unfit).

Why i spent two decades of my life as a decently unfit person escapes me.

No wait, i know, it was because i was busy, also known as having skewed priorities…also known as excuse addiction.


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Intentional leadership compared to running a single race

Masters Track 2015 race number
Dream big.


University of North Florida entrance sign
Spotted this tag line on the warmup jog.


University of North Florida entrance sign
Never got to tour the campus.


Much of leadership’s efforts are behind the scenes and unnoticed by the rank and file.

It’s our job as leaders to manage this and strike a fair and equitable balance between sounding boastful and intentionally managing our reputation.

Logged eight miles in the effort to run only a half-mile.

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Four world class leadership basics honed from a life at Disney

Bantam boys 100 meters
Yesterday’s 100 meter finals from eight years old and up.


Track Shack tent
Accidental shot of Track Shack’s tent


Personal leadership has four world class, basic components. In addition to having fun at yesterday’s brutally hot track meet, i spent time at the beginning and end of the day preparing for Thursday’s (second) post-Disney speaking engagement.

The four world-class leadership basics are:

  1. Vision
  2. Involvement
  3. Accountability
  4. Commitment

Paint a clear, concise and compelling vision of the future. Get people involved by training and developing them. Hold them accountable for excellent results. And commit to being inspired and inspiring all day, everyday.

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Imagine the highs and lows of personal leadership

Windermere 2015 5k photos
Local artists create the t-shirt design – also used for big awards.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
Top three 2015 Windermere 5k finishers. The guy in glasses is Windermere’s Mayor.


Left to right, first place, Mayor Gary, second, and third.

First and second were one second apart.

The third place finisher, Andrew, got beat last year by this year’s 50-59 winner.

After 1,100 seconds, imagine losing the coveted, overall winner spot by only one.

And then imagine an extraordinary, nearly three minute improvement from your time the previous year – that’s what Andrew accomplished.

Or take the 55-year old, running a time faster than he had set as a goal, and faster than when he was 10 years younger.

Leadership covets results.

It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic.

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Apple Country?

Apple Store 5th Avenue
Apple Country?


Apple Store 5th Ave and jeff noel
Was surprised to find Apple Store 5th Avenue open before 9am


Here’s to the misfits.

The crazy ones.

The ones who change things.

Be well and remain amazed.

Be freakin’ remarkable today.

There’s a ton of people looking for someone like that in their lives.

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