You control the next step

Disney Keynote Speaker name tag
The Walt Disney Legacy Award is given to Disney Cast Members who demonstrate a lifetime of Dreaming, Creating, Inspiring. The name tag says it all. Jeff shares this Disney DNA in every Keynote speech.

You control the next step.

When you can habitually, culturally, think deeper, reach higher, care more, and work harder, your next decision is instinctively easy and accurate.

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Remind both parties

woman sitting on mountain
From car overlooks to this. The vision grew over time. We are the only ones on the mountain pass. It is late September. We are deep in the wild, with zero other human contact.

Remind both CEOs of the future you clearly see that’s not only better than now, but much better than now.

Don’t show laborers piles of lumber and the tools they need to build a ship. Describe a distant shore that’s not only better than here, but much better than here.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HOME, click here.

Things you are supposed to do

image of tell the truth
Photo was randomly discovered while searching from 75k photos on iPhone camera roll. It’s the perfect image for today’s subconscious thesis.

Things you are supposed to do:

  1. Start a blog.
  2. Have a sales funnel.
  3. Have an email collection strategy.
  4. Have a You Tube channel.
  5. Allow and promote social sharing (“Like & Subscribe”).
  6. Create a mastermind group(s).
  7. Reply to LinkedIn (LI) comments.
  8. Leave comments on LI thought-leader updates (to look smart/be seen).
  9. Encourage (game) follower engagement with questions and polls.
  10. Follow the tried and true paths the gurus show you.
  11. Be great at sales hype and hustle.
  12. Compete on price.

One out of 12 ain’t bad.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HOME, click here.

Odds are way too low

Jeff Noel business matrix
Common sense without action is unprofessional.
Walt Disney Quote on a door
What if only 25% of our Cast Members stayed after their first year? What if 75% stayed after the first year? What if 25% of paying Guests rated their Disney experience as excellent?

Odds are low. Only a 25% chance to exceed expectations.

You wouldn’t go on a cruise if there was only a 25% chance the boat would not sink.

You would not get married if there was only a 25% chance you’d live happily ever after.

Why would anyone do business with you if there’s only a 25% chance it’s gonna feel good, decent, and right?

Imagine if there was a 100% chance you would be inspired, excited, and motivated? And this 100% carried on after the honeymoon, and lasted for a lifetime?

What if?

Why not?

Figure it out. You are the CEO.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HOME, click here.

The beauty of work creativity

small town library entrance
Biked 20 miles and conducted a coaching call from here. Told a client regarding contract negotiations, “We always start with a number and work down. i do not want to do that anymore.” The risk is she could tell me to take a hike. Or, her organization will never become vibrant. Or both. The opposite can (and should) happen.

The beauty of business creativity is no rules are required.

For example, this post is allowing for business fees layout.

All fees are US retail:

  1. Keynote $25k
  2. Half-day engagement $32k, up to 20ppl*
  3. Full-day engagement $39k, up to 20ppl*
  4. Two-day engagement $78k, up to 20ppl*
  5. Executive Vibrancy Coaching (virtual) $3,500/hr
  6. Executive Vibrancy Coaching (on-site) $5,250/hr
  7. Organizational Vibrancy Coaching (virtual) $16k/hr
  8. Organizational Vibrancy Coaching (on-site) $24k/hr
  9. Video recorded assets to keep, starts at $250k
  10. Masterclass: 100-episode If Disney Ran Your Life personal vibrancy podcast, $20k minimum or $2 per podcast per employee.

*Additional people may be added to half, full, and two-day sessions:

  • Half-day session, additional person fee $500
  • Full-day session, additional person fee $1,000
  • Two-day session, additional person fee $1,500


  • 50% payment at signing, 50% 30 days out.
  • 20% discount for 100% payment at signing
  • 20% discount for two to four product purchases
  • 10% additional discount for five or more purchases
  • It is possible to reduce fees by 50% following this strategy
  • One-time rescheduling (without $ penalty) is possible once contract is paid in full. However, all fees non-refundable.


  • Jeff’s only goal is to see you reach yours.
  • Organizational Coaching is for access to me, by anyone, anytime.
  • Using a gym personal trainer and gym client analogy, the trainer cannot do the reps. The trainer brings expertise, wisdom, and an “it” factor. The trainee, and the trainee alone must do the reps.
  • Jeff will never be an extra set of hands to do work that someone else in your organization should be doing.
  • Jeff will be your guide with world-class wisdom, experience, and insights.
  • There is no one better equipped nor more experienced in leading you to Organizational Vibrancy.
  • Jeff teaches you how to fish. Jeff doesn’t give you fish.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HOME, click here.