Odds are way too low

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Common sense without action is unprofessional.
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What if only 25% of our Cast Members stayed after their first year? What if 75% stayed after the first year? What if 25% of paying Guests rated their Disney experience as excellent?

Odds are low. Only a 25% chance to exceed expectations.

You wouldn’t go on a cruise if there was only a 25% chance the boat would not sink.

You would not get married if there was only a 25% chance you’d live happily ever after.

Why would anyone do business with you if there’s only a 25% chance it’s gonna feel good, decent, and right?

Imagine if there was a 100% chance you would be inspired, excited, and motivated? And this 100% carried on after the honeymoon, and lasted for a lifetime?

What if?

Why not?

Figure it out. You are the CEO.

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