Do These People Make You Laugh?

Squawking Is So Annoying
Squawking Is So Annoying

You know the ones. The complainers. Do they make you laugh?

They should. Why?

Because they are such hypocrites. And their glaring weakness is hilarious.

And sad.

They want their boss to be perfect, but they can’t manage to be so themselves.

And then there’s their boss. What a pity.

The boss had so much potential too.

Both had so much to offer, but neither one wanted to accept their ultimate responsibility.

Personal transformation.

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The Blog Whisperer

This is the video I shot not even five minutes after yesterday’s video (next post, below). I reveal, informally but seriously, what many self-help gurus don’t tell you about balance. You need to hear it, because it will answer what no one else is answering. And, I’m rooting for you to start, and continue your transformational change.

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