Know why the next 72 hours will make you a victim or a victor?

do something
do something in the next 72 hours (photo credit unknown)

Welcome to September 2012, and to the Nuwanda Chronicles – tales of career imagination, career reality and sometimes… both.

What could I do that would make a difference that requires no one’s permission other than my own? What can you do in the next 72 hours that won’t require leadership approval, HR approval, or finance approval?

Seth Godin rants about when things are broken. We fall victim, or victor, depending on what we do in the next 72 hours.

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Is your job a breeze?

Are you completely satisfied with the way your career has progressed and where it’s headed?

Over and over, there’s convincing evidence that more people are dissatisfied than satisfied.

Know what the biggest stumbling block might be?

Lack of courage.

To combat this, a courageous person has to privately, and relentlessly, coach themselves.


Courage, by the way, often looks like this:

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