The echo of jeff…

Giant meeting space for keynote speech
Most paradigms revolve around sharing someone else’s message.


The echo of¬†…

The insidious decline of our positive dreams and our habits.

The fear.

The stress.

The pressure.

The competition.

The lure of more, better, faster.

And having to please people you don’t trust.

For decades, the treadmill of falling into place and waiting for retirement to start living.

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Tom Peters?

I saw Tom Peters in Orlando, maybe 10 years ago, shortly after becoming a professional speaker.

Tom Peter’s is insightful.  If you are looking for small nuggets with big impact, or simply want to reinforce what you believe, this slide show ought to do it for you.

In Search of Excellence and A Passion For Excellence were the two Leadership books that put Tom Peters on the path to legendary Management guru.