Bank on your work history

child with teddy bear
Parenting. Ultimate leadership role. Thank you Disney and Disney Institute for making me a better leader – Disney business wisdom prepared me to learn how to be an intentional dad.

Bank on your work history.

What got you to career vibrancy is remarkable.

Bank on it.

Ignore the critics.

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Invest in who?

Bookshelves full of Civil War books


(photo: Read. A lot. For a long time. Write some too.)

Invest in yourself.

That’s what regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest are – investments.

Do you deserve it?

Of course.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Not a trick question by the way.


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Invest in yourself

CS Lewis book
What did CS Lewis do to invest in himself?


Invest in yourself.

Eccentric genius?

Reluctant prophet?

What did CS Lewis do to invest in himself?

What did Walt Disney do to invest in himself?

What did Rosa Parks do to invest in herself?

What have we done?

What are we currently doing?

What’s next after that?

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It’s probably one or the other for all of as we travel through life

Spaceship Earth
Hometown = Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow


It’s one or the other for us as we travel through life attempting something incredibly lofty:

  • our efforts will change our life
  • our efforts were the biggest waste of our time

Faith, reason, and hard work are never a 100% guarantee.

There are only two regrets in life:

  1. We didn’t try hard enough and failed
  2. We tried too hard and wasted our resources

Life is hard.

And full of uncertainty.

Be intentional which ever way we choose. No?

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Wealth is how long we can live after we stop working

Calgary International Airport horse sculpture
Is art the sculpture, the child’s bear’s travels, both, or neither? Invest in art.


Wealth is how long we can live after we stop working.

It is not a specific dollar amount.

It’s a balance of expenses and cash flow.

Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairing.  – Billy Rose

When they match we are golden.

A deficiency in income means we have to keep working to make up the deficit.

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