jeff noel Asks, If You See A Very Large Unfamiliar Spider, Should You Touch It?

Tarantula, Zion National Park October 2011

Reaching midlife is something we Baby Boomers take for granted, mostly. What’s allowed us to survive, mostly, is a lower-grade of common sense. What gets in the way of us thriving in midlife is a complete and utter avoidance of a higher-grade common sense.

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Do You Follow Your Instincts?

Trust You Instinct
Trust You Instinct

This excerpt is from a Speakers and Panelist LinkedIn Group Member, Stephen J Stulic. Relevant and powerful:

“Seek and Welcome Opportunities That Move You Closer To Realizing Your Full Potential.

Be ready when opportunity knocks. And sometimes, by taking strategic advantage of several small opportunities, you may move closer to realizing your full potential more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along.

Therefore, do not be content to wait for a single opportunity to be all that you want it to be; they come in all shapes and sizes and quite often come disguised as something you would not normally expect.

A person truly centered in understanding what he wants will make more opportunities than he finds.

So, when any opportunity to become more is presented to you, be prepared to make the most of it and take action.

Follow your instincts; there is nothing more discouraging than waiting back on your heels as an opportunity ceases to be one.”