Maybe one percent

Kaboom. A Toy Story 4 reference from the motorcycle character. Way less than one present of Glaciers visitors summit Mt. Reynolds.

Maybe one percent of humanity believes they can have personal vibrancy.

A big part of the equation is discerning what to let go of.

Much like an organization’s lack of focus and discipline can hold a company back from achieving greatness, same lack of focus and discipline holds back individuals – you and me, for example.

That you recognize, embrace, and attack this phenomenon inspires me.

Lead yourself like you mean it.

Thank you for everything you do for me.

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jeff noel would like to extend a special invitation to…

not so subtle
way less subtle than Lane 8’s photo today (iPad arrived on doorstep Nov 2, it’s launch day)


jeff noel would like to extend a special invitation to…

Come back tomorrow. Running out of time to get all five blogs done before the transformational work begins at Disney World.

Don’t want to do two days in a row of blogging at 9pm.

Note: It’s quite liberating to write a post that would make the “how-to-blog-effectively” folks cringe. You guys get that.

It’s one of my favorite things about all of you.

Be well, and be amazing today!

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Super Freak She’s Super Freaky

Kinda Freaky
Kinda Freaky

Okay, the human mind is remarkably strange.  This Rick James song from long ago is in my head. Why? Because I’ve just reflected on the past two jungle jeff blog posts.

Wake up calls. Corporate down-sizing. Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack. It’s all kinda freaky, super freaky.

The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. Pancreatic cancer. Wife. Three young kids. Best-selling author. Hero. Role model. Computer Science Professor. Oprah Winfrey Guest. Deceased.

These are unprecedented times. Turbulent times. Stressful times. Uncertain times.

But time marches on.  Question is, “Will we?”