Fear is relentless

Zappos school of wow
Stumbled upon this yesterday. My work ethic tells me to attend to benchmark. What will i miss (fear) if i don’t attend?


Fear (sometimes disguised as doubt or procrastination) is relentless.

The best weapon against fear is a strong work ethic.

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What makes us smile about accomplishing something like this?

Reams Road construction near Disney World Cast Entrance
Obscure photo (not to the neighbors) taken on a run near Disney’s North Cast entrance.


What makes us smile because we’ve worked hard our whole life to reach a certain point in our life?

And does anyone know?

Does anyone even care?

In the big picture, it doesn’t matter.

Because we do it for ourselves and the things it allows us to do for others.

Heading to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park today. And tomorrow.

Shoot, can go there seven days a week if desired.

Talk about miracles, no?

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