Monday Leadership Advice

Dear jeff, as you think about your future, and the very real option of retiring at 55, you have been bestowed a gift that has always been there, but you’ve only now been able to unwrap it.

What is this gift?

It is the gift of purpose. And your purpose is to set the example. Not through negotiation and logic, but simply by being authentic.

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Dear Son #14

Dear Son, you know that between your grandfather and your great grandfather, who both had factory jobs, and ran their own businesses on the side, they chose not to involve me, teach me, encourage me, nor help me think about running a business.

I don’t have any answers to this piece of history, and I believe they loved me very much, even if I never heard them say it. (I mean, what else am I supposed to think?)

You will reap what you sow, and more isn’t always better. Within these blogs is everything I know. And everything you’ll need to start your own business.

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Disney Dream Photos – Set 4 of 5

Whatever you do, be the very best you can be…

Do it differently & better than your competitors…

Know that some key customers won’t be old enough to pay you…

Tell a great “story”, with as many details as possible…

Involve your Family in what you do…

Are you consciously teaching the young people in your life about business? is about Money. More specifically, it’s about your career and your contribution to society. For example:

In a Restaurant, you can work the fryer and when your shift is over, go home. If you manage the Restaurant, you stay until the problem is solved. If you own the franchise, you could get sued and lose everything. More isn’t necessarily better.

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