The Answers Are Obvious

Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend

The answers are obvious to the person who thinks things through, paying particular attention to what’s common sense.

What did you answer from yesterday’s choices?

The correct answer is open the window, let the dog sniff and reward the dog for waking you up.

You get bonus credit if you made an additional choice that wasn’t offered (on purpose), to grab a flashlight and take your dog outside to sniff even more thoroughly.

Why not yell at your dog to shut up and be quiet?  After all, you work hard, you’re exhausted, and you have a big day tomorrow.

Passion Trust Vision Decisiveness

Passion Trust Vision Decisiveness.

Wait, jungle jeff is going to change his top leadership characteristic again. First it was Trust, then Vision, and finally Passion.

Now you’re saying it’s decisiveness?

Well, maybe.

Just kidding.  Passion.  Number one leadership trait. Passion.

Can you imagine trusting someone without passion? Can you imagine a vision not inspired by passion?