Who’s got time to eat when there’s so much work to be done?

Dear Son, there are people who work so hard at their job that they consider a good day a day when they get to actually leave their desk and go to lunch. And a glorious day is when they do that without any interruptions for 30 minutes. Pitiful isn’t it? Been there, done that. Manhattan, July 25, 2012…

gotta eat

Star pizza Manhattan

NY pizza

Who’s got time to eat when there’s so much work to be done?

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What apparent blind ambition can do to our intuition

The White House looks deserted…

The White House

What can apparent blind ambition do to our intuition? Let’s assume a person is very ambitious. Winning at any cost. Chasing the prize. One victory after another. Got it? Okay.

That’s the story coming here to The Chronicles of Nuwanda. Truth and lies. Greatness and failure. Real and fictional characters.

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The Trap Is Something More

There always seems to more to life than there really is. Life’s simple pleasures. We know what these are. And, ignoring this, we push hard for some imaginary prize. We work hard on that corporate ladder climb.

We let our blind ambition, erase our intuition.

And still, sometimes, we need to keep plowing forward, because we have seen a vision of the future that beckons us. We follow the path to avoid extinction.

All the while, everything we need, at our feet.

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