The most important question before spending money

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Yesterday Rob tutored me for four hours at my desk. All my blogs (19k+ posts) are on an outdated GoDaddy “Legacy” platform. We are migrating 16 sites from there to a new cPanel account with the latest tech options available.

Dear executive buyer, please keep asking yourself this question until you have a positive revelation.

What is this contract worth after my organization is exposed to, and changed by, the expert’s assistance?

  • What expenses will be slashed or eliminated?
  • What is the difference in organizational health before and after we complete a year-long legitimate effort?
  •  What short and long term worries and vulnerabilities become non-issues and how will that freedom feel?
  • What will the employee vibe be like when your culture is stronger, healthier, and more vibrant?
  • If you were to postpone starting for more than a year, could that indecision turn into two or three years (or never), and when you think about that how do you (and the entire organization) feel?

You should picture your previous life when you had few to no wellness habits and compare it to where you are today, now that you have integrated intentionality and consistency into how you behave in much healthier ways than before. What’s that worth? Hard to calculate, but blindingly obvious.

Worth noting that for a decade i’ve been a web and technology do-it-yourselfer by using GoDaddy’s inexpensive platform. That old way of thinking and doing is no longer effective for the way my business is evolving.

i’ve hired Rob on an indefinite monthly retainer to take my web and technology abilities into 2019 and beyond. This is going to change everything about the way i used to think and behave.

My old GoDaddy account’s highest PHP update is one update away from not supporting the WordPress blogs that contain my life’s work. And i never knew. Plus, the Legacy account has me trapped because it doesn’t currently offer even the lowest update solution.

Bottom line, what can be measured doesn’t always matter, and what matters can’t always be measured.

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How Business Advising and Foster Parenting are similar

Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
Worth a second, closer, look.


How Business Advising and Foster Parenting are similar.

Your love and affection for both are deep and real.

You work like everything matters.

And yet.

And yet there’s a reality that’s hard to shake off.

It is someone else’s company.

It is someone else’s child.

You care so much, and yet you must surrender to the reality that you do not have final say on any outcomes.

PS. Fostering and adopting are distinctly different. You can adopt a child you’ve been fostering, but the assumption in this example is that that never happens.


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Well of course you are

Gapingvoid art
Metaphorically speaking, you need to want change as much as you want your next breath. From Gapingvoid Art.


You and your organization have major challenges.

You do not want an expensive solution.

Nothing you’ve tried so far has stuck.

You may have become numb to the drag of your survival and reaction mode.

Your organizational culture is you greatest ally or your biggest roadblock.

Right now and for the foreseeable future (and maybe forever), it’s a roadblock.

You think you need to fix your leadership.

You think you need to fix your customer service delivery.

There’s only one person who will insist you rethink those two obvious categories, plus the three other categories everyone ignores.

  1. Your pain will get worse before it will get better.
  2. Or, your pain will get worse and it will never get better (and never stay better).

These are your only two options.

Could you thrive living on the fringe?

Could you become the best in your category, or, could you become so amazing you create a new category – a category of one?

There’s no one else in the marketplace that will approach common cultural dysfunction issues with the same business karma.

i do not fail.

i can not do the work for you.

You will not succeed without me.

You have to be willing to be Cortes.

No guts, no glory.




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