The most predictable place to fail?

Hidden Lake Trail trailhead sign at Logan Pass


(photo: The beginning of the hike is easy… it’s near the end, when we still can’t see the end, that it’s tempting to turn around)

The most predictable place to fail?

People usually fail when they are on the verge of success. So give as much care to the end as to the beginning. – Lao-Tzu

We know this, yet cave anyway.

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It’s the only thing that perpetuates excellence

Teen learning to skip a stone at Lake Mcdonald


(photo: teaching a Florida boy how to skip a stone… and how to live like you mean it)

Greetings from Salt Lake City. As we taxi to the terminal there is a flood of deep gratitude for great leadership.

The very best leaders teach and they expect those they teach to teach.

Ripple effect.

Seems so small in the big picture.

In the big picture, it’s the only thing that perpetuates excellence.

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The leader’s job is simple

Made it to Hidden Lake Trail overlook


(photo: Made it to Hidden Lake Trail overlook… used t-shirts as scarves)

The subordinate’s main objective was accomplished in grand style – relatively easily for his place in the organization, the bottom.

The leader’s main objective was painstakingly crafted and delivered on.

The leader’s job is to serve.

And to make more (and better) leaders.

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Two Dog Flats party of two (again)

Two Dog Flats restaurant


(photo: Two Dog Flats restaurant sign… Big Horn Sheep painting behind)

Three for three. Great batting average. Perfect.

Fairly easy to boast high scores when you’re literally the only game in town.

A remarkable leader is one who people will stay with even when there is new opportunity elsewhere.

Dinner last night was just good. Breakfast this morning (2 thumbs down) and lunch just now (2 thumbs up).

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