Speaking Of Leadership

Mistake or Gift?
Mistake or Gift?

Speaking of leadership with it’s titles, status, perks, benefits, bonuses, responsibility, accountability, opportunities…

This “bonus” (today’s second post) jungle jeff blog post shares my response to a faithful jungle jeff reader.

We are all leaders.  Every last one of us. Even if it doesn’t seem so.

We all travel through life with the exact same “currency” – time.

Mistakes are gifts.

Past mistakes become worse when we don’t open them up as the gifts they are, and reflect on the reason they happened, and the opportunity they represent.

To me, failure is never opening the gift.

The gift-giver is actually ourselves. If we cannot thank ourselves for our mistakes – our opportunities – we lose.

Stay strong, dig deep, find quiet space, and open your gift.

Then send yourself a thank you note

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