Show and tell?

Disney keynote speaker Jeff Noel on stage with two audience members
You can talk the insight or you can show them the insight. Here i am showing the 400-person audience the insight about ‘displaying appropriate body language’. Invited two audience volunteers onstage to help.

Chief of Staff (Walt & Roy vibe)…CTO (Chief Thinking Officer)


  1. Finally feel like CEO (congrats)
  2. Enormous growth (personal ambition)
  3. Cabinet rebuild (bench health?)

Critical, timeless truths:

  1. Vision-less CEO’s are unheard of
  2. Growth dilutes culture
  3. Culture = organizational health-grade

Your coaching priorities:

  1. Push you to .think .differently
  2. Be a sounding board
  3. Be a better leader


  • Monthly onsite
  • Weekly calls
  • CIP Fanatics


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (to be determined)

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