Secret hack to improve your work

Screen capture from a participants (at this conference) social media feed.

The secret hack to improving your work?

The way to get better is to get better at getting better.

Never considered myself a storyteller. In fact i considered myself the opposite, a poor storyteller. Poor storytellers are best when they are silent.

One day, with Leslie Bays-Baker in a private, nine-executive multi-day engagement, i told the closing story and tied the story’s point to the thesis statement for the class’s entire four days.

After the group graduated and left the classroom on day four, Leslie shared, “I loved your personal story and how you connected it back to the content and the audience.”

Leslie’s feedback changed the course of my speaking career because for the first time, it felt as if i was a purposeful storyteller.

Have never looked backed from that defining moment.

Blogging every morning for 11 years was birthed out of the desire to become a better storyteller, and perhaps some day to become a master storyteller.


To dream, create, and inspire.

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