Corporate culture is a virus

rare leadership concepts
Overuse generally has negative outcomes.


rare leadership concepts
No matter what we do or don’t do, there’s the possibility we’ll become ineffective. Never forget this. There is no one right answer.


Disney Institute speakers
Yesterday on Twitter. i follow Disney Institute. Mark Matheis, far right, and Jim Mundy, 2nd from left standing, are great Disney Cast Members, former colleagues, and friends. Looks like they intentionally wore vests.


Disney Legend Steve Jobs
Received this via a text message yesterday. Here’s to the Crazy Ones.


Corporate culture is a virus.

It’s either by design and works for you.

Or it’s by default and works against you.

Corporate culture is like personal wellness.

We dwell in vibrancy or survival-mode.

What we accept by default becomes our standard.

Here’s how insidious this is…

Many people i know haven’t gotten once-a-week exercise since high school gym class.

Think about that.

And ask yourself, “Is that a vibrant decision?”


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