Are good leaders a waste of our money?

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(photo: Most leaders think it’s a good idea to have an open door policy. Food for thought – don’t spend too much time in your office.)

Being a great leader is elusive.

Being a good one, not so much.

Good leaders suck.


But it’s true.

Good leaders don’t inspire their people to be amazing all day, everyday.

The challenge with being a great leader is carving out time.

It takes time to get to the truth.

And it takes the truth to be a great leader.

Not taking the time and not knowing the truth are the same thing.

Truth facilitates inspiration.

A leader’s real job is inspiration.

You can’t inspire if you’re not involved with the front line. Involved enough to find out what brings your employees joy.

Joy is the key.

But we don’t focus on joy.

It’s not on our leadership radar.

Employees aren’t keyed into joy either.

They’re focused on pleasure:

  • When’s my next break?
  • Will this customer be a jerk?
  • Hope I get that desk job.

Versus joy:

  • How do I make this customer’s day?
  • I can’t believe they pay me to do this.
  • I have the most amazing leaders.

It’s the difference between compliance versus commitment.

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