Handling someone looking for some dirt

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Circa 2005, near the time of the story below.


Three days ago, in a blast from the past, a friend offered this email excerpt from nearly a decade ago, from a Disney Institute (DI) engagement i led. While i do not recall the situation, Craig did. The crazy thing though, it sounds legit:

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About 5 or 6 years ago, when you came to Columbus with DI.
I was standing with you, after it was over, at the front of the room, when a guy came up and started rattling off things he had heard about Michael Eisner. I remember it distinctly, because it was a lot of material that was in a 2006 book, Disneywar. (I had recently finished reading it, too.) It was clear he was trying to get validation to some dirt he had in mind.
You handled it flawlessly. I don’t remember specifics. But it was to the effect that Michael had done a lot of good for the company.
I do remember that after that, you told me that you had spent some time with Mr Eisner and that he is a good guy. You told me you’d tell me about it someday. 🙂
I believe you had said you were his specific handler, when he was in town. I couldn’t tell if this was during your Resort Operations days or during your DI days.
Either way, I look forward to hearing about it. Eisner may have had a rocky end with the company. But, he did some incredible things, righted the ship and set the company up with a great base to build on for the 21st century.
OK, done geeking out.


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Consistency is the hallmark of a reputation.

By the way, what prompted Craig’s email was this post, also from three days ago.

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