They both have taken a path similar to Walt Disney

Jake Poore, founder of Integrated Loyalty Systems
Dressing for success in t-shirt and cut-off jeans.


Jake Poore, founder of Integrated Loyalty Systems
Lower  right, barley distinguishable, the business sign of my public office РMy French Cafe.


Jake Poore, founder of Integrated Loyalty Systems
A photographer making selfies cool again.


We’ve been talking for the past few years about getting together for lunch. Seriously. Years.

It happened yesterday.

Jake, a 19-year Disney veteran, left Disney right after 9/11 because he had a dream that couldn’t be realized in a corporate setting. His ideas were stifled. September 11th made it even worse.

He took action.

He recounted the first year of applying for multiple gas credit cards to make ends meet as a struggling entrepreneur. He also spoke of living on¬†Campbell’s Soup because that was the best he could afford.

He just hired his 19th full-time employee and the first with a six-figure salary.

Just a hunch, pretty sure he had some hope of recruiting me. Flattered.

Ever have a moment when you inspire yourself because of your convictions?

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