Disney’s PATA to CAST

Disney acronyms
Disney hiring acronyms.

Reflected on my wife’s illustrious 35-year Disney career. After her first year, she then spent 34+ years in Disney Human Resources.

Ten consecutive years in Disney Casting. Casting is the outside world’s equivalent to an Employment/Hiring department.

She was the Casting Operations Area Manager when we opened the brand new Casting Center along Interstate 4 in 1989.

During the next two decades, the hourly Cast hiring interviewers used an acronym to ensure they consistently covered the same four non-negotiables with every applicant. At one point, the acronym changed – why it took so long is anyone’s guess. Note the content didn’t change, just the way we remember it.

Disney’s PATA to CAST


  • Pay
  • Appearance
  • Transportation
  • Availability


  • Compensation
  • Appearance
  • Scheduling
  • Transportation

Change what you see and what you see changes.

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